Salt Lake City Farmers Markets

The COVID-19 pandemic took its toll on the Salt Lake City Farmers Market. But the market is back on track, kicking off its 30th season on Saturday. The downtown market will feature produce from local farmers, prepared foods and local crafts and arts. Here’s what you can expect to see at the market this Saturday. Read on to discover what to expect from Salt Lake City’s Farmers Market. And remember to bring your wallet!

Seasonal and locally grown produce

The winter market in Salt Lake City, Utah, will bring the city to life on Saturdays from November through April. The large hall is filled with tables of fresh fruits and vegetables, and locals scurry about. Among the first recipients of the first round of funding from the Salt Lake City Farmers Market’s Local Food Microgrant Program, BUG Farms will be selling seasonal and local produce.

Grass-fed meats

Fresh fruit and vegetables, grass-fed meats, and local baked goods are some of the highlights at the Downtown Salt Lake City Farmers Market. Local farms set up booths to sell their produce and meats, as well as honey, flora, and sauces. Visitors can also sample baked goods and specialty coffees. Salt Lake City farmers markets also feature the best locally made cheeses and sauces.


If you’re looking for eggs in Salt Lake City, you’ll find them at many Utah farms. These producers are raising the next generation of egg-laying hens using cage-free farming methods. The law requires commercial egg-producing farmers to provide 144 square inches of space per hen, compared to 67 square feet for caged-hens. While the bill’s cost will be higher than a traditional egg, research shows consumers are willing to pay the extra price. The average consumer eats approximately 300 eggs a year.

Local spreads and sauces

The Downtown Salt Lake City Farmers Market is a wonderful way to support local farming and reduce your food costs. Seasonal fruits and vegetables are available in abundance in this outdoor market. There are booths set up by local farms, which sell meat, fresh eggs, and honey. You can even pick up some local bread and spreads, or a baked good. You can sample a variety of these products for free.


If you are a Salt Lake City resident, you’ve probably been to the Downtown Saltlake City farmers’ market at least once. This popular summertime event features local produce and crafts, as well as prepared food and arts and crafts. This year, there are 180 vendors, including local food producers. The vendors’ wares range from locally grown fruits and vegetables to handmade crafts, jewelry, and artwork. Listed below are some of the market’s upcoming events.


If you love fresh, locally grown produce, the Salt Lake City Farmers Market is a must-visit. Located downtown on Rio Grande Street, the Salt Lake Farmers Market is open every Saturday, June through October. In addition to fruits, vegetables, and meats, you’ll find arts, crafts, and prepared foods. Parking is free, and there’s plenty of space for market goers. But where should you park? Here are some tips for finding parking.